241 5 // TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS the visual integrity of the interpretive core. Consider the ultimate long-term growth impacts of mature locust sizes and plan for removal if deemed inappropriate. 4. Signage Plan: Develop and implement a comprehensive signage plan that serves to meet interpretive and wayfinding needs both on and off site. Maintenance Property, North of Gardener’s Cottage Parcel 5. Reconfigure Circulation: Reconfigure maintenance property circulation and access to adjacent visitor center / Gardener’s Cottage property based on program needs and design of former greenhouse space. The circulation should serve maintenance needs and be visually subordinate to views from within the interpretive core. [ LOW PRIORITY ] 6. Preserve Barriers and Property Distinctions: Maintain visual barrier between the maintenance property and the gardener’s cottage property (or other portions of the historic core). 7. Identify Existing Greenhouse as Non- historic: Efforts should be made to identify the maintenance greenhouse as non- historic, so as to avoid interpretive confusion regarding the adjacent original greenhouse historic location. Adjacent Neighborhood Public Realm 8. Plant Street Trees: Restore the distinct character of elm street trees adjacent to and near the Martin House property or beyond. This should be evaluated and planned through a comprehensive street tree plan for the entire historic district or for particular streets. H H H L L Outside the Historic Core